WOW Show!

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ArtWorks Gallery is pleased to present:

The W.O.W Show

Curated by:

Terry Rooney



WOW. Where are the WOMEN whose art was OVERLOOKED in the Twentieth Century? They are now OLD – old enough to be unseen as WOMEN. But, they have been ORNERY enough to continue to create, to explore, to make provocative images. This generation of Wrongfully Overlooked Women have added the wisdom of maturity and experience to create challenging visual work. WOW is a show of powerful social commentary works by women who have continued to voice their opinions.

This invitational show, curated by Terry Rooney, originator of the Amherst Biennial and the Pioneer Women exhibits, features work from women of wisdom like Anne Burton, Holly Murray and Gabrielle Senza who express their outrage over the destruction of our society and world. BZ Reilly’s 3D constructions focus on mass shootings. Mo Ringey Gareau flushes a neon “TRUTH” down a real toilet! Mollie Kellogg, paints luscious portraits of “Incognito Witches” full of strength and magic.  Susan Montgomery, uses “Outrage” itself as the content, powerfully portraying the ultimate outraged and outrageous woman – the unenviable Medea.

WOW-Wiser Overlooked Women have continued to work after being ignored in the 20th century. And now that the artwork of young women is being acknowledged in the 21st century, these WILD ORNERY WOMEN invite you to view the WISDOM OF WOMEN.

Opening Reception| Saturday, October 1, 2 to 4 PM
Show Dates | September 24 to October 23 
Gallery Hours | Saturdays and Sundays 1 to 5 PM
Or by appointment  413 277 6072 or 413 537 5575