Workshop13 takes pride in the quality of the studio art classes we offer. Our professional art instructors teach in a friendly, and relaxed environment. Class emphasis is always on the individual student's creative development and growth with courses for students of all ages, skills, and experience. Here is an introduction to our professional instructors.

'Peace of Americana' watercolor by Kara Bigda

By Kara Bigda

Kara Bigda, Artist and Art Educator As long as she can remember, Kara has always loved to draw and make art. Though she had a degree in Fine Arts Kara truly believes it was her ten years of teaching that taught her the most about art. Her students and colleagues never ceased to amaze with their talent and insight. Kara's interest in finding the beauty in everyday objects and places stays constant. Visit Kara's website  

Painting by Pat Bock instructor at Workshop 13.

By Pat Bock

Pat Bock, Artist and Art Educator Pat has loved being an art teacher for over 20 years. Educated at the former Westfield State College & UMass, Pat has continued to learn through workshops, graduate courses, museum classes, and life lessons. Pat is also a mixed media painter and book artist who finds her dual careers enhance each other. She believes that creativity is natural to everyone and her role is to appreciate and nurture that quality in her students and to keep it fresh in herself.  Visit Pat's website

Photography by Jack Cascio. Instructor at Workshop13

by Jack Cascio

Jack Cascio, Photographer Jack was first introduced to photography by his dad, never realizing that almost 20 years later he’d pick up a camera while a student at Boston College shooting the gorgeous architecture that only Boston has to offer. Jack has the ability to see beyond the camera lens creating extraordinary images. His favorite subjects are sports, wildlife, landscape, and facial expressions. Jack has been published in various national specialty magazines. Visit Jack’s website

Silver Jewelry Making Workshop, Workshop13, Ware, MABevlynn Gallant, Jeweler Bevlynn is a certified PMC (Precious Metal Clay) instructor who originally was a bench jeweler but now works in metal clay and teaches in Western MA. She has a BFA in Ceramics and a Masters in Teaching degree. With a background in pottery and traditional fabricated jewelry design she finds metal clay to be a perfect combination of both creative expressions. Her goal is to introduce metal clay to students in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and help them develop a new technique to expand their jewelry making experience.  

Fran Gianfriddo's artwork. Fran is an instructor at Workshop 13.

Fran Gianfriddo's artwork.

Fran Gianfriddo, Artist Fran's career as an artist has been long and diverse. For more than twenty years he ran his own advertising agency. Since that time he has been exercising his artistic skills through numerous venues creating illustrations for assorted trade magazines and for children’s publications where he illustrated a series of 8 books for Random House and was a frequent contributor to magazines such as Weekly Reader. Visit Fran's website  

Irises created by Sandy Gianfriddo, Instructor at Workshop 13.

By Sandy Gianfriddo

Sandy Gianfriddo, Artist and Art Educator Sandy has taught Visual Art in the Massachusetts public schools for the past 15 years. She understands the importance of art education for all ages. She believes that appropriate terminology will give anyone the confidence to be able to express their feelings about Art more comfortably. Since 1983, Sandy has taught a wide range of courses from pottery to expressive painting.  

Trolls in Forest Illustrated by Linda Graves

Illustrated by Linda Graves

Linda Graves, Artist and Illustrator Linda has a B.A. from San Jose State University and is an award winning artist and illustrator. Millions of Linda’s books have been sold and enjoyed worldwide. Her unique style and imagination captivates readers of all ages. We are lucky to have Linda Graves as an instructor at Workshop13. Visit Linda's website


Rich Giordano, Naturalist, Master Gardener, Potter Rich has been involved in horticulture for over 20 years.  He owns and manages All Hill Farm in West Brookfield where he specializes in edible perennial agriculture. Rich grows, among other things, dwarf pomegranets, figs, kiwis, chestnuts, persimmons and shipovas outdoors. With close to 1,000 varieties in his collection, his knowledge of plants is very eclectic. During his 14 years at Old Sturbridge Village, he has helped with the design and maintenance of the Freeman Farm 19th century kitchen garden, which is used to educate thousands of visitors every year. He also is a potter with experience in his own studio and while working at Old Sturbridge Village, where doing miniature pitchers and pieces were personal favorites to produce. Currently, Rich maintains OSV's collection of over 425 historically significant plants in their renowed Herb Garden.


Illustration by Roc Goudreau of Princess Chutes and Ladders

By Roc Goudreau

Roc Goudreau, Illustrator Roc is a Tradigital illustrator. As a professional illustrator for over 25 years, he is accomplished in a variety of mediums from airbrushing to watercolor. Roc has taken his traditional art techniques and brought them into the Macintosh platform. He creates traditional looking artwork utilizing powerful programs such as Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator. Visit Roc's website

Sculpture by Susan Halls, instructor at Workshop 13.

By Susan Halls

Susan Halls, Sculptor Susan’s obsession with animals and animal imagery has been more or less constant since her childhood so it is beyond doubt that they should be the dominant subject in her work. In her sculpture’s she is trying to create images that trap a kind of animal truth. Visit Susan's website  

Photography by Susan Harris. Instructor at Workshop13

by Susan Harris

Susan Harris, Artist A self-taught artist Susan works in oils, pastels, charcoal and pencil but prefers the exciting characteristics of watercolor. Her work includes landscapes, waterscapes, still life and abstracts.  Visit Susan's website.  

Oil painting by Jeff Kern, instructor at Workshop 13.

Oil Painting by Jeff Kern

Jeff Kern, Artist Jeff, is one of the most prolific and respected oil painters in New England. He is inspired by the beauty of nature and his work is a celebration of his response to that beauty. His work is realistic; that is to say that it is a conscientious interpretation of the qualities of light, form, and texture that strike our eyes. He especially enjoys painting water scenes taken from local rivers. Visit Jeff's website  

Illustration by Gary Pippincott called Storytime.

Gary Lippincott

Gary Lippincott, Illustrator Gary's work has been featured in prominent fantasy and science fiction publications and on labels for imported beers and ales. It has also graced the covers of young adult and adult fantasy novels written by such prominent fantasy authors as Ursula K. Le Guin, J.R.R. Tokien, Jane Yolen, Tanith Lee, Mary Edgehill and Charles DeLint. His art hangs in galleries and has been purchased by collectors worldwide. Visit Gary's website

Michele Loftus-Trzcinski restored this beautiful wedding picture. Her class is at Workshop13, Ware, MA

Michele Loftus-Trzcinski

Michele Loftus-Trzcinski, Photographer & Digital Artist With over 18 years experience in digital imaging. Throughout these years she has worked for major studios in the area utilizing Adobe Photoshop on a daily basis. She has won digital imaging awards in local shows and has taught several Worcester night - life courses in addition to conducting private workshops through the Massasoit Art Guild. Visit Michele's website.  

Painting by Elizabeth Rhoades Instructor at Workshop 13.

Elizabeth Rhoades

Elizabeth Rhoades, Award Winning Artist Elizabeth is an award winning Connecticut artist whose pastel paintings are characterized by their vibrant color and sensitivity to the natural forms and light in the landscape. Elizabeth has painted professionally for over 40 years. Her individually commissioned pieces hang in private collections from Alaska to Maine, as well as in corporate collections.  Visit Elizabeth's website  

LAURETTA R. ST. GEORGE-SOREL, MA, WRITER, POET, EDITOR, TEACHER Lauretta has offered creative writing classes to incarcerated women, to the students of St. Mary's School in Ware, and at the White Street School in Springfield. She also taught writing classes at Top Floor Learning in Palmer. She is a member of The Story Circle Network, a national writers' organization, with headquarters in Austin, Texas, and regularly attends seminars to keep abreast of the latest literary trends. She edited The History of Ware and occasionally does private editing. She has been an adjunct faculty member in the English department at Holyoke Community College for fifteen years. Lauretta is also a teacher of the Spanish language.