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New Classes at

New classes have been listed on the website! We’ve heard over and over “Once you take a class you’ll be hooked”. Classes for all ages and at different times of the day. What’s the course you just need to take?

  • Children’s Book Illustration – Linda Graves
  • Painting Together – Fran Gianfriddo
  • Imaginative Drawing – Gary Lippincott
  • Water Color Basics – Kara Bigda
  • Painting Techniques – 2 Classes in 1! Oil Painting & Pastels – Jeff Kern
  • Visual Journals – Pat Bock
  • Illustration Techniques – Roc Goudreau
  • Expressive Drawing for Teens – Sandy Gianfriddo
  • Photography 101 –  Jack Cascio
  • Beginning Painting for Kids Phase 2 – Roc Goudreau
  • The Making of a Comic Book – Delia Jean Hickey
  • Handmade Books – Pat Bock

Register today to be sure you get the class you want! See you there.


February Classes Listed!

We’re happy to announce the February class schedule is now listed on our site. From some of your favorites to exciting new topics like Expressive Drawing for Teens to Using Adobe Lightroom and so many more! Check them out and sign up early! Let us know if there is a topic YOU are interested in that is not listed. See you soon!


Photography 101

Instructor: Jack Cascio
Cost: $125
5 week course • Mondays 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Dates: 9/16, 9/23, 10/30, 10/7, 10/14
Understanding the DSLR

Have you ever wondered why after spending hundreds of dollars on the latest cameras you still can’t get photos you’re really proud of? We’re not talking about the party snapshots you post on Facebook, but stunning, well-exposed photographs that can be considered fine art.

This five-week course in digital photography is not just for beginners, it’s for anyone who wants to learn how to take better photos. You’ll learn what all those knobs and dials on your DSLR do, and what settings to use in any lighting condition. You’ll understand concepts like exposure, aperture, depth of field, ISO and shutter speed, and probably never want to use the “automatic mode” again.

No prior experience or camera equipment is necessary to attend – just a desire to improve your photography skills and learn more about digital photography.

If you have the following please bring to class:

Camera – Any camera will do but we focus mostly on DSLR’s so that you can change the shutter speed and aperture settings.
Tripod – To help your camera focus better and so you don’t have to worry about shaking.
Camera Lens – Most DSLR’s come with a kit lens of 18-55mm, this will work just fine.
Card Reader – To quickly and more efficiently move pictures from your camera to your computer.